About New Vitality

As a registered nutritional therapist, health and wellness coach I guide clients to restore inner calm & to regain balance in their lives through healthy eating and prioritising what is most important to them. With my clinic, New Vitality, I specialize in weight loss, food intolerance testing and emotional eating.

Revitalizing Lives: Empowering Clients Through Stress Management and Healthy Living


Stress management plays an important part for every client. In this stressful, busy world many clients have forgotten about ‘themselves’ in a bid to take care of everyone else around them. They are eating in a hurry, confused by all the conflicting information out there, juggling too many tasks and putting their own needs and health to the bottom of the pile. They are lacking energy.


My passion is to give new vitality to every individual, raising self esteem and helping each and everyone reach their chosen goal through coaching, accountability and easy to follow guidelines, using wholesome , healthy, unprocessed foods.


All of this is done in a tranquil environment with 100% confidentiality and space for the client to let go of emotional baggage which may be holding their health back. It’s a calm space where I support my clients to become a healthier, better version of the wonderful people they are already!

Why Choose New Vitality?

My approach is unique in that I value the client as an individual and their own personal story. Every person sees the world in their own, unique way, particular to their individual genetic disposition, personal experiences, likes and dislikes. There are no two people in the world who are exactly the same!

Each individual requires quality time, total privacy, confidentiality, respect and dignity. Discussing personal issues including weight loss, stressful events in relation to emotional eating are all very delicate matters and clients can feel extremely vulnerable trying to share these issues or acknowledge what barriers prevent them from meeting their health or weight loss goals.

I provide a confidential place for them to share as much or as little as they choose. Clients need to be heard and I am a good listener. I prefer to understand the client as an individual person in their set of circumstances rather than assume it’s the same deal for everyone – each person needs to adapt their own health to be the best they can possibly be in their own life.

As a qualified dietary counsellor, health and wellness coach, I am trained to support the client by guiding them to reflect on all areas of their life-360 degrees. Linking this to nutrition and eating in the healthiest ways possible, the client understands how to manage their own weight and reach their weight loss goals, in a long term sustainable manner.

Clients also learn to manage stress, step by step at their own pace and discover an awareness surrounding the triggers that throw them off balance, especially with regard to emotional eating. I work closely with clients to remove ‘self-limiting’ beliefs.

As a qualified Nutritics Analyst, I produce reports reflecting the macro and micro nutrient levels in the client’s current diet showing which nutrients may be deficient or excessive. I also analyse glycemic load based on food diaries and help balance blood sugars over a number of weeks.

Also using Nutritics, I provide professional meal plans, highlighting nutritional daily requirements. I also do this for sports enthusiasts for training days and non-training days.


Personalised Experience

Each client is unique. So is my approach. Respect and dignity are top priorities. I provide a calm environment, total confidentiality, privacy and quality time required to help you achieve your personal goals working at your chosen pace.

Work At Your Pace

I work closely with clients to remove ‘self-limiting’ beliefs so you can learn to manage stress, at your own pace and discover an awareness of your triggers for emotional eating.

Fully Qualified

As a registered nutritional therapist and health coach, I guide you to reflect on all areas of your life, using a science based aproach to link with your weight loss goals or any other health concerns, in a more sustainable way.

Nutritics Analyst

I am a trained Nutritics Analyst. Therefore I analyze the quality and quantity of your personal macro and micro nutrient levels, glycemic load and calorie intake based on a 7 day food diary typical of your eating patterns throughout the year. The report provides insight into your general eating patterns. From here we make adjustments to improve the quality of your diet creating appropriate meal plans.

Discover Your Vibrant Health

Experience a revitalized you with our personalized health packages. Our programs spark positive changes, guiding you towards optimal well-being. Whether you aim to rekindle your food connection, attain lasting weight goals, or target health issues, our tailored packages cater to your unique journey.

Bronze Programme

Hungry for Change?

5 Consultations

Unlock a new chapter in your health journey with our Bronze Programme. Over the course of four weeks and five consultations, this foundation-building experience will empower you with the knowledge to make mindful food choices that promote wellness. Delve into the world of nutrition and discover how it can shape your vitality for years to come. The Bronze Programme is your first step towards a healthier you.

Silver Programme

Add extra support and accountability

10 Consultations
Elevate your health ambitions with our Silver Programme, a transformative nine-week journey featuring ten consultations. This package goes beyond the basics, offering enhanced coaching and accountability to guide you towards sustainable lifestyle changes. With tailored support, you’ll gain the skills needed to achieve your desired weight goals and tackle ongoing health concerns. Take control of your well-being with the Silver Programme.
Gold Programme

VIP Deluxe

Over 4 Months
Unleash the full potential of your health transformation through our exclusive Gold Programme. Over four enriching months, this VIP Deluxe experience combines the benefits of the Bronze and Silver Programmes, and then some. With heightened accountability and support, you’ll have the tools to conquer greater challenges and explore new health horizons. Ideal for those seeking a personalized therapeutic approach, this package offers comprehensive analysis, tailored plans, and the possibility of clinical testing. Elevate your health, redefine your vitality, and embrace a brighter future with the Gold Programme.