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This programme is ideal if you are already quite disciplined but needing a kick start to get yourself back on track with appropriate guidance and accountability. It is also suitable if perhaps you need to assess your position over a shorter period of time and then decide if you need more accountability, support and personal coaching to help you reach your goal. It may be enough to set you up to achieve your goals alone but also you may decide you need support for longer. The choice is yours!

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Keep Going - New Vitality


This programme gives you extra time to implement the skills required for sustainable weight loss and to help achieve optimal health with extra motivational tools and coaching sessions. It facilitates the opportunity to create a fresh mindset so that previous long-term barriers to success and limiting beliefs are removed. Creating a new mindset is key to success and I will guide and inspire you to achieve this every step of the way!

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Go further - New Vitality


This programme may benefit you if you are working towards a greater goal. Your goal may be a longer-term challenge needing more time and extra support. Weekly coaching to overcome barriers holding you back until this point in your life may be necessary to strengthen your mindset for a healthier future.

Emotional eating and stress factors are frequently a cause of weight gain and can lead to poorer food choices and diminished health-therefore coaching is key to resolving these issues and sometimes that takes longer. It is very individual. If you need to commit for longer, then this is the programme for you!

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This is ideal pre-wedding preparation, and perfect for a pre-wedding gift! Glow from the inside out with expert nutritional guidance which includes weight and stress management. Shine on your big Day!

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Personalised Nutritics reporting for sports persons. I provide 2 options of this service:

1. Personalised Nutritics Report for current 7 Day Food Diary, and
2. Personalised Nutritics Meal-Planning for Training Days and Non-Training Days.

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My sports nutrition package is perfect for all sports enthusiasts exercising regularly (including skill, endurance and strength based sports) who want to improve their current diets for enhanced performance.

This package includes meal planning for training days and for non-training days and a professional Nutritics report based on your current food diary. Body stats with weekly print out include Weight, Fat Percentage, Fat Mass, Fat Free Mass, Muscle Mass, Total Body Water, Total Body Water Percentage, Basal Metabolic Rate, metabolic age, visceral fat rating, BMI, Ideal Body Weight and Degree of Obesity.

This package starts from 4 weeks including a 1 hour 15 minute initial consultation and 3 follow up weekly consultations x 45 minutes. €295.

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Zest4Life Plans

21 Day Rescue Plan Image - Jill Dempsey


The 21-day Digestive Rescue Plan is part information, part diet plan designed to help you improve your digestive health and improve your symptoms. It will also help understand what other factors might be impacting on your symptoms and which tests might be relevant for you to consider.

The programme includes all you'll need to make an informed decision about what might be going on for you PLUS 21 days of easy-to-prepare meals and snacks for you to enjoy.

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