New Vitality – Our Philosophy

My clients all have their own future vision of themselves. I help them discover it. Together we take steps to get closer to that vision, at their own pace. The client knows when they have arrived at their vision. They know when they are satisfied that they have reached their goal while I guide all the way. All in their own time.

The main issues affecting my clients’ lives usually concern excess weight and elevated BMIs. In the beginning many ‘have lost their way’, have reduced energy and are confused by “faddy diets” with so much conflicting information. They may have spent a couple of years trying other avenues to lose weight but ended up frustrated, back where they started.

I use the zest4life methodology based on low GL eating combined with motivational coaching and the results are amazing! Coaching is as important as the provision of eating plans when it comes to weight loss. The length and format of your programme will depend on the frequency of support you require and how much weight you wish to lose.

Achieving Their Goals

With my guidance, the client is coached to meet weight loss goals, restore lost energy and renew vitality and learn to understand personal triggers or barriers to success. They understand how to have a sustainable, long term, healthy relationship with food whether at home, in restaurants or on holidays. They have no need for ‘quick fix faddy diets’ or processed “ healthy food bars” or similar products to consume in order to stay on track.

It will be real food for real people. Happy people achieving optimum health and weight goals.


Understanding the heartache attached to loss of great health and even life itself, I am passionate about restoring my clients’ health to be the very best it can possibly be through greater understanding, support and accountability leading to healthier nutritional and lifestyle choices.

I am committed to sharing my knowledge with my clients to improve their quality of life and the ripple effect it then has on the loved ones in their lives. I want my clients to become an even better, healthier version of their present selves!

Bronze Programme

5 Consultations 

(over 4 Weeks ) 

Hungry for Change?

Gets you off to the perfect start, providing an excellent foundation for essential nutrition, to set  you on the path for optimum health for the rest of your life.

This is a requirement  for anyone wanting to understand the power of food in terms of either 'eating for better health' instead of 'eating to promote illness' in the body.

The Bronze Programme is the starting point for all new clients and is the foundation for all future successes in helping clients to reach all health goals.

Be prepared to know what to choose every day of the week to eat, whether at home with a busy household, at work with your colleagues, on holidays with your friends or maybe in the club house with your team mates!

Silver Programme

10 Consultations

(over 9 weeks)

Add extra support and accountability

This programme motivates you even further  than the Bronze Programme with extra coaching and accountability.

It gives more time and support to implement the skills required for sustainable weight goals or other ongoing health concerns, for the future.

You choose the health goal - get the support you need, work at your own pace but learn to upgrade your health for a happier, more productive future! 




Gold Programme

VIP  Deluxe 

(over 4 months)

Become A better You!

This programme gives you everything from the Bronze & Silver Programmes but continues to enhance and explore your progress or add any new goals you may wish to achieve ,over 4 months with added accountability and support.

Perfect for greater or more challenging goals. It ranges from 14-16 weeks and is designed to give more versatile, bespoke support.

This programme is also ideal for anyone requiring Nutritional Therapy, as this involves a  more personalised therapeutic approach using  Nutrition, Lifestyle and possible Supplement protocal. Clinical testing may also be required (priced separately). Time is required for deep analysis and progress of the individual health concern and there maybe more than one!

It involves a full Case History, Timeline, Matrix (based on Institute of Functional Medicine guidelines), Analysis and research of the presenting Imbalance or Health Concern and a fully developed Staged Therapeutic Plan (duration 4-6 months approx) to address the health concern or imbalance in the body.

You may be a busy CEO or the 'go to' individual everybody relies upon in their life or just simply 'burnt out' or 'lost your mojo'  - either way, you are long overdue an upgrade to your health and feel that lifestyle guidance and nutritional support over time is just what you need to invest in yourself, for a brighter, healthier future!