Thank you so much

Just want to say thank you for all your help and support, giving me wonderful encouragement on health and food planning, fabulous recipes and ideas for meals, for my changed lifestyle.

Also your daily messages were so encouraging to keep me on track and to remain positive!

Jill, thank you so much

Mary - Leopardstown

I cannot recommend Jill highly enough

I can not recommend Jill highly enough. I started working with Jill as my unhealthy eating was spiraling out of control and causing me a lot of bother with my weight and allergies and my overall health. She is always very reassuring & knowledgeable in helping me manage and balance my weight and nutrition goals. She goes above and beyond for her clients and is always ready to give you advice and help at anytime.


Mary – Dublin 18.

Very professional

I always find Jill very professional, knowledgeable and efficient.

Sara - Citywest

Thank you

Hi Jill,

I felt it necessary to drop you a quick line to say a very big thank you for all your help and advice over the past few months. When I go off track (which I do more often than I should) your positivity is infectious and your belief and dedication to the cause is second to none. Thank you for all the great, handy tips but most importantly thank you for your ear and constant advice (and for never judging). Here’s to a summer to look forward to with great, healthy food ideas.

Yvonne - Rathfarnham

I have found a balance in my life that I never thought was possible

I can honestly say that when I first telephoned Jill I had no idea of the transformation that was in store for me but what I did know from that first phone call was Jill’s gentleness, warmth and understanding and that I was in safe hands. My life was out of balance, overworked, overtired, overweight and overwhelmed by it all.I didn’t know where to start. At my first meeting with Jill, her winning smile and easy manner immediately put me at ease. Guided by Jill’s wealth of knowledge, slowly and steadily,I have found a balance in my life that I never thought was possible.

Aoife - Dublin 18.

“I cannot believe I lost 2 stone in under three months and have kept it off”

Jill, I have to thank you for all your kind support and motivation over the past couple of months. You were so positive and cheerful throughout. You kept me motivated and on the straight and narrow. Combining your nutritional advice and exercising regularly, I feel more energetic and positive in my whole outlook now. I cannot believe I lost 2 stone in under three months and have kept it off, thanks to you. I haven’t felt this good in over five years. Thanks Jill.

Ann D18

My motivation for life is back!

After many years working in a Corporate environment and hopping on and off airplanes at all times of the day and night. Lots of coffee, fast food and quick fixes I developed a very bad eating habit. As I am now in my early sixties, I decided to reach out to Jill to help me break the cycle of poor diet over the years.

I came across ZEST for Life on the internet and decided to give it a go. I booked a six-week course with Jill Dempsey and it was the best decision I have made in a long time.
Since completing the course, I have found my concentration and energy levels increase substantially and my blood sugar levels are now back within acceptable healthy limits. My motivation for life is back where it used to be, and I have a much more positive view on life since taking this course.
I want to thank Jill for being a great mentor and holding me accountable and motivating me to achieve my goals. I am now preparing for part two of my change in lifestyle and look forward to working with Jill again in the near future.

Alan Mangan CEO
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Bronze Programme

5 Consultations 

(over 4 Weeks ) 

Hungry for Change?

Gets you off to the perfect start, providing an excellent foundation for essential nutrition, to set  you on the path for optimum health for the rest of your life.

This is a requirement  for anyone wanting to understand the power of food in terms of either 'eating for better health' instead of 'eating to promote illness' in the body.

The Bronze Programme is the starting point for all new clients and is the foundation for all future successes in helping clients to reach all health goals.

Be prepared to know what to choose every day of the week to eat, whether at home with a busy household, at work with your colleagues, on holidays with your friends or maybe in the club house with your team mates!

Silver Programme

10 Consultations

(over 9 weeks)

Add extra support and accountability

This programme motivates you even further  than the Bronze Programme with extra coaching and accountability.

It gives more time and support to implement the skills required for sustainable weight goals or other ongoing health concerns, for the future.

You choose the health goal - get the support you need, work at your own pace but learn to upgrade your health for a happier, more productive future! 




Gold Programme

VIP  Deluxe 

(over 4 months)

Become A better You!

This programme gives you everything from the Bronze & Silver Programmes but continues to enhance and explore your progress or add any new goals you may wish to achieve ,over 4 months with added accountability and support.

Perfect for greater or more challenging goals. It ranges from 14-16 weeks and is designed to give more versatile, bespoke support.

This programme is also ideal for anyone requiring Nutritional Therapy, as this involves a  more personalised therapeutic approach using  Nutrition, Lifestyle and possible Supplement protocal. Clinical testing may also be required (priced separately). Time is required for deep analysis and progress of the individual health concern and there maybe more than one!

It involves a full Case History, Timeline, Matrix (based on Institute of Functional Medicine guidelines), Analysis and research of the presenting Imbalance or Health Concern and a fully developed Staged Therapeutic Plan (duration 4-6 months approx) to address the health concern or imbalance in the body.

You may be a busy CEO or the 'go to' individual everybody relies upon in their life or just simply 'burnt out' or 'lost your mojo'  - either way, you are long overdue an upgrade to your health and feel that lifestyle guidance and nutritional support over time is just what you need to invest in yourself, for a brighter, healthier future!